“Throw me something, Mister!”

I started this blog just a few weeks after my wonderful trip down south to N’awlins (aka New Orleans), and since I did not travel anywhere this past weekend I’m going to take y’all back to my adventure in the bayou.

I’m not even exactly sure how this trip got started, but my dear friend Hillary and I were discussing our love of traveling and how we’d love to go to New Orleans. (I went there when I was around 7 years old with my mom, but I don’t remember too much of the trip). Well Hillary’s aunt and uncle live there, so she asked them if we could visit, and before I know it I’m booking a flight and planning my trip. Since I had President’s Day (Febuary 20th) off work already I took just a couple more days off, and we began planning to go that week. Well unbeknowst to us, that also happened to be the week of Mardi Gras. So not only was I getting to go to New Orleans, I was also getting to experience Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Check that off my bucket list!

Welcome to the bayou!

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