These boots are made for walkin’!

Greetings from Texas!

Whenever there is a holiday weekend I am on the first plane outta Dodge! The urge to put my feet in as many places as possible means anytime I have a long weekend (a.k.a. a free day off of work!) I must travel somewhere. It’s a blessing and a curse I willingly bear. #YOLO (is that still a thing? I don’t think it is. What are the youngins saying in 2014?)

My first trip of the year was to fly somewhere not bitterly cold since “below average temps” is the theme so far this year (except in SoCal where the weather is laughing at the rest of the country. What’s up, 70 degrees in January!) I traveled to Dallas/Fort Worth to visit my friend Hillary, and I brought some warmer temps with me to Texas and enjoyed a weekend in 60 degree weather!

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City of the Violet Crown


I love travel. I yearn for it. I need it and I want it. It is a true passion and joy of mine. And so to ring in my birthday, I wanted to set my feet on new ground. I decided on the growing increasingly popular Austin, Texas; a new destination for me, and a fun place to visit!

My friend Hillary met me in Austin on Friday night and our first stop was dinner at Trudy’s. We went to the original location, which is tucked in a residential area, and a Tex Mex staple since 1977. Before our table was ready, we waited in their outdoor area and drank excellent margaritas. Always an indication of a good Mexican restaurant. Another sign of a good restaurant is to judge their chips and salsa. Trudy’s passed with an A++. So delicious! And I was very happy to find Flautas on their menu, which are my favorite Mexican dish, but not very common. I was having a fabulous birthday dinner! I highly recommend Trudy’s to anyone visiting Austin! http://www.trudys.com/trudys-central.php

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Don’t Mess with Texas! (And that summer heat!)

Welcome to Fort Worth!

Part 1: This will be a two parter for my trip to Kansas City for the awesome Sara and Andrew’s wedding! I decided to take the long way to KC by making a pit stop in Fort Worth, TX to pick up “cousin” Hillary (who was also invited to the wedding).

Upon arriving in DFW airport at 10pm on Wednesday, Hillary got me the heck out of Dallas and over to her hometown of Fort Worth. I’ve been to Dallas before, but never to Fort Worth so I was excited to see a new city! We drove through TCU’s campus (where Hillary went to college) and it’s beautiful! Most (if not all?) the buildings use the same tan brick so it has that beautiful collegiate feel.

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