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I wonder if the Goonies had Mr.Kimble as their kindergarten teacher?

Welcome to the Pacific Northwest!

After mom and I left Ecola State Park, we drove the 22 miles north up the coast to Astoria, Oregon. Astoria has that shabby chic kind of charm to it; which makes sense as it is the oldest American settlement west of the Rockies. The landscape is dominated by hundreds of Victorian homes clinging to steep wooded hillsides, and remnants of Astoria’s fishing industry past are still present near its wharf at the mouth of the Columbia River.

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“Heyyy, youuuu guyyyys?”

Welcome to Cannon Beach, Oregon!

Yep, my title is quoting a line from the 1985 cult film “The Goonies”. And why, you may ask? Well, that’s because I just returned from a marvelous vacation with my mom to Cannon Beach, Oregon, where the concluding scene in “The Goonies” was filmed. Haystack Rock, clearly visible in that scene, is Cannon Beach’s most famous landmark.

Haystack Rock – this is my favorite picture I took in Cannon Beach.

My family and I have traveled to Cannon Beach two previous times in my life, but only for short day visits. Mom always wanted to return and actually spend some time in Cannon Beach, so to celebrate both our birthdays, we finally achieved our goal of spending a long weekend in the beautiful seaside town. The Pacific Northwest is one of my favorite regions to visit. I don’t think I could spend year-round there with the damp weather, but I LOVE to visit. Oregon and Washington are seriously some of the most beautiful places you will ever visit! The rain makes the landscape so green and vibrant, it’s breathtaking!

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Coming soon!

Hey Friends!

I sincerely apologize for the lateness of my next post. Between my later work hours with my new promotion at Walden and my part-time job on Saturdays, I’ve been super busy the past few weeks. And then of course my Internet decided to be out for a few days last week. But my entry about my wonderful vacation to Cannon Beach, Oregon last month will definitely be posted this week! Stay tuned and I hope you all enjoy my new entry (whenever it gets here lol)!



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