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Wellington: Weekend 1


Technically this is my second weekend in Wellington but I’m not counting the first weekend since I flew in, battled jet lag and got all settled into my new home. Not much of interest happened those couple days haha. Unless napping is of great interest; which come to think of it napping is probably my favorite hobby! lol

On Saturday I braved my first solo outing in New Zealand! The first trip is always the hardest right? And not that I’ve conquered that I’m looking forward to more adventures even if they are solo ones. I can’t ever remember using public transportation on my own before, I’ve always been grateful to have my own car or relied on my friends to figure out the public transportation when traveling haha. But finally at the age of 27 I used all those past experiences learning from friends to conquer the buses and trains all by myself! And it helps that Wellington has a pretty easy public transportation system too. 🙂

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Conquering Jet Lag and My New Home!


I’ve been in my new home of Wellington, New Zealand for a few days now and I can happily report that 1) I’m loving it here and 2) I experienced very little jet lag thanks to my BFF Laura and Young Living essential oils. A couple nights before I left Laura made me an essential oils blend of peppermint, valor, geranium and lavender and I rolled on the blend on my neck and chest right before my long flight, when I landed in NZ and once more after I showered later that day. Aside from being a little tired I felt pretty great and ready to tackle exploring my new city! I highly recommend using essential oils on your next international flight to avoid the jet lag keeping you from feeling good. Also remember to drink lots of water to flush out the toxins and further help reduce the side effects of jet lag. Drinking more water is always a good thing to do anyways. I’m trying to be better about it. 🙂

I have yet to truly explore Wellington but I’ve been getting organized and familiar with my new house and learning how to get around. I figured I should make sure I know how to get home and know how to contact my friends before venturing out solo and avoid being lost like a child who doesn’t know how to get home lol. Though the rain today set us back on venturing to the beach I hope to get out and about later this week and weekend. Below are some snapshots of what I’ve done so far!

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I’m going on an adventure!

2016 is about to be a big year for me! In a few days I’m moving to New Zealand for 12 months! I’m so excited to have this opportunity to explore the gorgeous country and get to know the people and culture! My home base will be in Wellington and I’m looking forward to starting this adventure! My next post will be from down under! 😀

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