To the pumpkin patch we go!

A couple Sundays ago my friends Andrew, Sara and I drove to Underwood Family Farms in Moorpark, CA for their annual Fall Harvest Festival. It was a beautiful 45 min drive northeast of Los Angeles through the Rocky Peak Park mountains in Simi Valley. It’s always nice to get out of the busy city for a day.

Fall Harvest Festival

Upon arrival we realized this is definitely a family activity, but no matter your age who doesn’t love farm animals, corn mazes and homemade pumpkin pie?! The whole festival is quite the ordeal and covers a large area. There’s a petting zoo, as well as many animals to feed and watch, a corn maze, tractor ride, a country store, live music and lots of pumpkins! We attended the Animal Show which featured rats, a chicken, a pig and Bingo the most adorable black lab! We also watched the last act of the pig races and heard live blue grass music!

Map of the farm activities

Entering the animal area!

“Hey goat, I like your beard. I had a beard like that in the ‘Perfect Storm'”. Search “SNL Mark Wahlberg Talks to Animals” to get the reference. You won’t regret it. 🙂

This is a “tree house” of sorts for the goats.

They have to walk up these narrow walkways to get to their “tree house”.

Hey, look, it’s a goat up there!

Sadly we didn’t get to actually see a goat climb up here, but still fun to see them hanging out up high.


I repeat, BABY GOAT!


Silly ducks!

Lucy the pig – she performed in the Animal Show too. This is her resting up before her show.



“Hey donkey, what’s going on?! You eat apples, right? I produce ‘Entourage.'” – from Mark Wahlberg Talks to Animals 🙂


Guess the animal? It’s a tricky one 😉


“Hey chicken, how’s it hangin’? Say hi to your motha for me.” – from Mark Wahlberg Talks to Animals 🙂

Entrance to the corn maze

This was a pretty good corn maze. It took us a bit to find the end.

The end of the maze = huge hay pyramid

The lovely couple on top of the hay pyramid!

Corn field maze

View of the pumpkin patch from the top of the hay pyramid

Pumpkin Patch!


Thanks Andrew for wheeling our pumpkins! 🙂

Peeps picking out their punkins!

Underwood Family Farms was so much fun to visit and it was the perfect day to be outside enjoying fall! I’m a sucker for Midwest type things, and our day at the farm was a nice trip away from the craziness of Los Angeles and reminding me of  home! Plus, I ate some delicious pumpkin pie! And the icing on top of the day was stopping at a soda and candy shoppe on the drive back and finding Cheerwine! (Which is made on the east coast and hard to find elsewhere in the States!)



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