Malibu Pier

Malibu Sport Fishing Pier

Once called the Riviera of America, Malibu is a beautiful coastal city that consists of a 21-mile strip of winding Pacific coastline. Malibu provides a unique scene to California because it is approximately the location where the coastal landscape changes from wide open beaches to more rocky terrain and also where the beach climate significantly cools. A historic landmark of this idyllic California beach town is the Malibu Pier, which I had the opportunity to revisit last weekend. And a storm was rolling in when I visited the pier so the clouds provided an amazing view!

Malibu Pier 018 017 021

Founded on January 1, 1905, the Malibu Pier is a California beach icon. The pier extends more than 500 feet over the Pacific Ocean, and is a prime location for fisherman and tourists. The pier is adjacent to the popular Surfrider Beach, known to surfers for its three-point break. Located at the pier itself is deep sea fishing, coastal excursions and whale watching tours, a gift shop, the Surf Museum and restaurants.

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On my first trip to LA in January 2010, the Malibu Pier was one of my mom and I’s favorite places. We enjoyed a lovely dinner on the pier overlooking the ocean at sunset.

malibu pier 5 malibu pier 1

malibu pier 2 malibu pier 4

malibu pier 3

If the weather is nice enough, January is a great month to visit California beaches because they are usually very quiet and uncrowded. Nothing beats the tranquil sound of the ocean waves, in my opinion. 🙂


2 Comments on “Malibu Pier

  1. Love the pictures Kayla!! Makes me want to fly out right now!! Love you so much have a great day.
    You made mine much better.
    Love Aunt Dana

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