New York, New York

Kayla NYC2

For those who prefer pictures over words, then this is the post for you! I spent a few days in NYC around New Years to visit my best friend Kat and had an amazing trip! Since most of my time in New York was spent walking and visiting various landmarks, it seems fitting for this post to be more of a photo gallery than my normal paragraph + accompanying photo(s) format. (Psst, or maybe I’m just feeling lazy this week and I don’t want to write as much haha.) Regardless of the reason, the following pictures will showcase chronologically my vacation in NYC! Enjoy!

*Click the first picture (or wherever you’d like to start) and scroll through the gallery!

2 Comments on “New York, New York

  1. Kayla I really enjoyed looking at your pictures brought back memories of my trip to the Big Apple.
    Love you!! Aunt Dana

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